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Type of event: Masterclass

Category: New Product Process and Execution

Language: Dutch

Datum event: June 2022 (the date is subject to change)

Participation fees: Free for members

Royal Gazelle has been making bicycles in the Gelderse Dieren in the Netherlands for more than 125 years. The fact that we continue to think about how the design can be smarter and the technology of e-bikes even more innovative is evident from the nominations and prizes that are awarded to the new bikes in the various categories. Participants in the meeting will be welcomed by Gazelle's Innovation Manager Maarten Pelgrim in the brand new Gazelle Innovation and Production Center in Dieren. Meeting consists of a tour of the Center and a presentation about the organization and working method of the Innovation Center. The collaboration with TU Delft is explained by ... of TU. This masterclass is given by Royal Gazelle and PDMA.NL.


Maarten Pelgrim
Koninklijke Gazelle N.V.

Egbert-Jan van Dijck


Innovation center Koninklijke Gazelle
Wilhelminaweg 8
6951 BP Dieren

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