Membership PDMA Netherlands

Membership PDMA Netherlands

There are several good reasons to join PDMA.NL:

  1. 1. You will be part of the network of innovation professionals and can exchange ideas with peers about the field and the challenges we face.
  2. You have access to the most prominent scientists in the Netherlands who are affiliated with the various (Technical) universities and colleges.
  3. You can visit other organizations hosting meetings several times a year.
  4. You can participate in 6-8 meetings per year of PDMA.NL
  5. You are automatically a member of the PDMA.ORG and therefore connected to the global network of innovation professionals.
  6. You can use the knowledge platform kHub and receive the monthly e-newsletter Connections and two-monthly JPIM, the internationally leading Journal of Product Innovation Management.
  7. You can certify as a New Product Development Professional (NPDP).

Option 1

Basic membership PDMA.NL

Includes PDMA.ORG

€ 140,-

Option 2

Membership with academic orientation

As option 1, with subscription to the scientific journal JPIM (you will receive a physical copy).

€ 180,-

Option 3

Membership with management orientation

As option 1, plus a subscription to Holland Management Review (you will receive a physical copy)

€ 140,- + € 125,-*

*) Your subscription to Holland Management Review will be fully handled and invoiced by the publisher of HMR: Beerens Business Press (BBP).

The contribution is invoiced after registration and thereafter annually at a fixed time. A subscription always runs until the end of the calendar year.

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    How do I become a member of PDMA-NL?

    There are several good reasons to become a member of PDMA-NL. Curious?