Webinar: Insights-driven innovation in a faster changing, more complex and open

PDMA NL is organizing a webinar on Insights-driven innovation in a faster changing, more complex and open digital world on Thursday 28th of May 2020.

With so much shift and information out there, how can you make sure that you have taken and will take the right decisions? You’re not passing by a huge opportunity? You’re not ignoring a critical risk? Today, these questions resonate even more critical as COVID crisis will reshape numerous business landscapes and create uncertainties.

This is just an example on "Fuel Cell Technologies". Raphael Mestanza will give an Explanation and live demonstration on a number of Body of Knowledge subjects.

But crises are also innovation and change catalysts. More than ever before opportunities and threats will come from unexpected angles. More than ever before organizations will need to drive their business and innovation projects based on facts thanks to up to date and accurate insights (Fact driven decisions).
Considering the amount of new information to manage from multiple languages, channels and formats, digital methods stand as the right approach to gain on efficiency and speed particularly if you are short on resources.
But digital and AI are not enough. These tools will deliver value only if you combine them with solid analytical forces and processes to diffuse personalized insights across organizations.

During this session, attendees will learn how hybrid eco-systems leveraging AI, Digital and Human can help innovation decision makers to get a 360° dynamic view of their business environments to secure their projects, identify new opportunities and accelerate their stage-gate processes. To illustrate this, specific examples on sustainability and dynamic market forecasting approaches will be disclosed.

About the Speaker
Dr Raphaël Mestanza
Before co-founding IntPact in 2018, Raphaël was the CIO of SpecialChem, a digital marketing company providing business development and innovation acceleration services for Chemicals & Materials companies.
Raphaël has strong experience in designing new business development and innovation processes leveraging digital technologies to gain on growth speed and efficiency.
He also has past experiences in R&D and Sales management at companies like Solvay, Sabic (formerly GE Plastics) and more.
He holds a Ph.D. and an Engineering degree in Polymer Sciences from the University of Strasbourg (France).

About IntPact
INTPACT is helping you to protect and grow further your business by giving you the ability to proactively and continuously detect most important opportunities & threats early enough.
Thanks to our tailored intelligence eco-system, you can access accurate, up-to-date and targeted insights combining the efficiency of human capabilities with the power of most advanced digital technologies

DatumDonderdag 28 mei 2020
Tijd16:30 - 17:30
Locatiewebinar = internet
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Raphael Mestanza, het getoonde emailadres
29-05-20 (RVD)
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