On the Origin of Products

Advance praise: 'While evolutionary thinking about innovation has been popular among historians and economists, few have applied it to design and marketing. Based on a thorough reading of theories and a rich set of empirical examples, this book provides a new way for designers to think about new product development in a comprehensive manner.' Koen Frenken, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands

Advance praise: 'Theory and practice of product design have evolved strongly in a rather short period. This book describes this development in a detailed way and will, no doubt, be an important resource for research in regard to knowledge and practice of product innovation and design.' Wim Crouwel, Professor Emeritus, Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands

Advance praise: 'This book is written at the crossroads of theory-informed engineering and practice-informed technology studies. It should be obligatory reading for industrial designers and product developers as it demonstrates how theoretical understanding of the relations between science, technology, and society can improve product design. But also vice versa: the many examples of product development that are revisited with a designer's eye, show that design practice can fruitfully inform theories of technology development.' Wiebe E. Bijker, Universiteit Maastricht and Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, Norway

Advance praise: 'This book enriches the conceptual framework concerning the evolution of man-made artifacts, and also offers convincing tools for product strategy and design; a considerable contribution to theory and practice.' Hans Dirken, Former Rector Magnificus and Dean of Industrial Design Engineering Faculty, Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands

Jaar van publicatie: 2018
Auteurs: Arthur O. Eger en Huub Ehlhardt

09-11-18 (RVD)
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