Co-Creation Assocation

The PDMA Special Interest Group on Co-Creation

The Co-Creation Association was founded in 2010 and aims to further develop and enrich the knowledge on co-creation, in order to boost the development and professionalization of the discipline, both in business as in scientific research. It has recently become a Special Interest Group of the PDMA.

Co-creation is defined as the act of involving customers and/or stakeholders in the innovation, marketing or value creation processes of private or public organizations. Co-creation has become increasingly popular with brands and organizations looking to source fresh ideas for developing new products or creating more engaging and authentic communication.

The first activity of the PDMA Co-Creation SIG is to organize the third edition of the Co-Creation Awards in collaboration with the Co-Creation Forum - an industry community and networking group dedicated to enabling and educating on the topic of Co-Creation, Capgemini Consulting - the Global Strategy and Transformation Consulting brand of the Capgemini Group - one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services and eYeka - the global market leader in online co-creation.

Co-Creation Awards

The 2012 edition of the Co-Creation Awards is set to benchmark excellence in co-creation for businesses and non-profit organizations, on a global scale. The Co-Creation Awards will celebrate successful implementation of co-creation projects and will reward the best use of co-creation for product, service or process innovation as well as marketing & communication in the private and public sectors.

Companies or organizations that are the prime beneficiary of co-creation projects' results can submit case studies at Partners of the prime beneficiary such as consultancies, experts, suppliers or project participants can submit case studies to the organizers too with the expressed consent of their client. Only case studies from 2012, 2011 or older if they are active case studies not submitted earlier, are eligible.

An international jury comprising of thought-leaders in co-creation and marketing will be unveiled at a later date. The 2012 Co-Creation Award winners will be announced on the 8th of November during a live, streamed event hosted by Capgemini in the Netherlands.

De PDMA.NL Special Interest Group voor Co-Creatie

Een bijzondere en belangrijke vorm van innovatie is die van co-creatie. Sinds medio 2012 biedt PDMA.NL de voormalige Co-Creation Association een platform om het vakgebied van co-creatie verder te ontwikkelen, kennis te delen en co-creatie te promoten.

De Co-Creation Association is opgericht in 2010. Het heeft tot doelstelling om het vakgebied van co-creatie te professionaliseren, verder te ontwikkelen en de kennis hierover te vergroten en te verspreiden in zowel het bedrijfsleven als de wetenschappelijke wereld.

Co-Creation Awards

Een heel zichtbare en daarmee ook belangrijke activiteit van de SIG Co-Creation zijn de jaarlijkse Co-Creation Awards. De awards tonen de waardering voor succesvolle co-creatieprojecten op het gebied van product-, dienst- of procesinnovatie, maar ook voor marketing en communicatie in zowel bedrijven als publieke organisaties. Bezoek de website van de Co-Creation Awards

De SIG Co-Creation wordt door Dolf Wittkämper vertegenwoordigd in het bestuur van de Product Development & Management Assocation - Netherlands. Neem contact op met de SIG Co-Creation via het getoonde emailadres.
06-11-16 (DW)
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