Online Innovation


Type publication: Book

Authors: Gijs van Wulfen, Maria Vittoria Colucci, Andrew Constable, Florian Hameister, Rody Vonk

Language: English

Publication date: september 16th 2021

Price: € 35,-


Under the title Online Innovation, together with a number of other experts, he has been able to give substance to a complex, new and very up-to-date concept in an exceptionally practical handbook. After describing 10 common pitfalls, the authors share great tools and techniques that work in practice. They discuss the Achilles' heel of innovating online and present 10 methodologies you can use for hands-on online innovation. The Lightning Decision Jam, the Design Sprint and the FORTH innovation method are highlighted in the book. The authors combine these methodologies into a new hybrid version. At the end of the book, you will find systematic descriptions of 25 tools and 10 methods. These will give a clear overview that will help you to pick the right ones for your online innovation journey. Innovating online is here to stay. There is a huge increase in hybrid innovation projects, combining in-person and online workshops, using all the online advantages while being personally engaged offline. Online Innovation supports all professionals who want to innovate online: consultants, coaches, facilitators, managers, and students in design (thinking) and innovation (source: www.

About the author

Gijs van Wulfen(1960, based in Greece of Dutch origin) is a well-known global authority and trusted advisor on innovation, inspiring speaker, author of three innovation bestsellers, one of the top ten worldwide innovation bloggers, and a LinkedIn Influencer with 325.000+ followers, and a former member of PDMA Netherlands.

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